About the Patient Participation Group




Any individual registered as a patient with the surgery, is invited to contribute to our Patient Participation Group (PPG). We work to proactively ensure the group is representative of our practice population.

This will be an opportunity to give you input regarding services or processes thus enabling us to enhance your experience of the Practice. We hope that by listening to your ideas and feedback we can develop the services we provide in the future. It may also be an opportunity for you to influence the local NHS.

Your perspective, as a patient, is crucial.

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We understand that patients may find it difficult to come for meetings at the practice, so we will be starting the group as a virtual forum using email.

If you are interested in participating please complete this online form. Your information will be kept securely at the practice and will not be shared without your permission.


Terms of Reference and Membership


  • Provide a forum for patients where they will have the opportunity to collaborate with and support the practice, and provide a patient perspective to the practice.
  • Enable, where appropriate, patients to influence local health care services. 


  • Provide the link between the practice staff and the wider registered patient population’s views.
  • Reviewing patient feedback annually as part of a practice led patient survey.
  • Provide feedback on patients needs, concerns and interests and challenge the practice constructively whenever necessary.
  • Provide a link for the practice to wider community representative groups.
  • Serve as a “safety valve”
  • Share best practice and good ideas that are picked up from elsewhere which might enhance the wellbeing of patients and staff.
  • Give input to practice communications to ensure clear, plain English, for example, practice information leaflets, website content, and so on.
  • Provide a sounding board and input for major changes to services.
  • Act as representatives to influence the provision of health and social care..
  • Support the practice in its dealings with other bodies.
  • Review these terms of reference annually. 


  • The group will consist of up to 12 members who are registered patients of St Bartholomew & Hollow Way Medical Practice or Brookes Medical Centre plus one or two members of the practice.
  • A chair person, vice chair person and a secretary will be elected from the patients within the group normally for their period of their tenure. The secretary will take the minutes which will be circulated to all members and made available to any patient on demand.
  • A quorum will exist at formal meetings when there are four or more members present.
  • Other interested patients or members of staff may be co-opted from time to time when their input is considered of particular value.
  • The tenure of the patient members will initially be staggered. Two members, three members and two members will have tenure of one year, two and three years respectively. Thereafter, member tenure will be set at three years. This will ensure that not all members leave the group at the same time and will provide continuity. Normally when a member’s tenure comes to end they can rejoin the group after the absence of one year but if no one is willing to take their place they can continue for another three years.
  • Patients who would like to serve to the group should let the practice know. The group will approve their membership ahead of tenure of existing member ending.
  • If a member is unable to attend meetings they should offer their apologies ahead of the meeting.
  • If a member is disruptive or uncooperative within the group, they may be asked to resign by the chair person or the vice chair person after consultation with the group. 

Meeting frequency

  • The group will initially meet monthly, but once established normally meet every two or three months.


  • Meetings will have an agenda and minutes. Minutes of the meetings will be available for public viewing on this website
  • The chair will produce a short annual review report so that details of activity done and proposed can be formally recorded.
  • Members will agree to treat items discussed as confidential where appropriate. 

Expectations for members to comply with

All members of the group are expected to:

  • Respect and accept other members’ contributions even if they conflict with their own;
  • Be patient and remember that this group is all inclusive;
  • Use clear simple English and avoid using acronyms and jargon;
  • Ensure that all members are supported in making a contribution to discussions;
  • Listen to all opinions and encourage an informed and challenging discussion, in a constructive and objective manner openly and safely;
  • Ensure that all members have an equal voice and that all discussion is welcomed, recognised and valued.


From time to time members of the group may become involved in addressing issues which may be confidential, either to individual patients or to the practice. All members of the group must be persons of integrity in which the public can have confidence and trust.


Conflict of interest

Members must declare any interest that may conflict with their role in the group. If any member is unclear about conflicting interest, they should declare this and seek further guidance.



Members of the group must not claim to represent St Bartholomew & Hollow Way Medical Practice or Brookes Medical Centre to the public or the media.

Please note: The Patient Group is an opportunity for the Practice and patients to work together. It is not a forum for raising a complaint. If you have any concerns about the Practice, its services or processes, please contact the Practice Manager, Sandra Connolly, who will address these directly using the NHS complaints procedure. We know that Patient Participation Groups are improving services for other patients. They are the patients' eyes and ears and can feedback to practices what works well, and what doesn't.