Clinics and Services




Antenatal Care

Provided by the community midwife and shared with doctors.


Baby Immunisations

Baby immunisations are given at the surgery by our practice nurses – please make an appointment in the usual way.

Click here to view the NHS Immunisation schedule


Child Health

Health visitors provide a weekly Well Baby Clinic for children up to the age of 5 years. During clinic time the GP offers developmental assessments for babies 6-8 weeks. The GP is also available to review any developmental problems as appropriate.

Registered nurses offer appointments for immunisation during clinic times. Parents must make appointments at the surgery for all immunisations.

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image of a female patient

National Services

Mamography, Colonoscopy, Bowel Screening, Diabetic Eye Screening, Cervical Cytology.


Cervical Smears

It is recommended that cervical smear tests are carried out as follows:

Between the ages of 25 and 49 years – every three years
Between the ages of 50 and 64 years – every five years
When booking an appointment, please tell the receptionist you are attending for a smear test.

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Chlamydia Testing

Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed Sexually Transmitted infection in men and women. Most of the people who have this infection will have no symptoms. If you or your sexual partner remain untreated it can cause infertility.


Contraception Services & Family Planning Clinic

The practice offers a full range of family planning care and advice including the coil (IUCD), implant and the morning after pill. Click here to visit our Contraception page.


Flu & Pneumococcal Vaccination

These vaccinations are recommended for patients over the age of 65, patients suffering from with heart, lung, liver or kidney diseases, diabetes or residents of nursing homes. Please contact the surgery at the beginning of October for further details. If you are housebound, a home visit can be arranged. 

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Health Promotion

Prevention is better than cure. We take every opportunity to check on our patients’ health and offer advice on healthy living. We also offer a full range of special health promotion clinics by appointment with our practice nurses.


Travel Health

Please note that it would be helpful if you could make an appointment at least 6 weeks prior to travelling. 

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Dental Issues

We are unable to treat suspected dental infections or abscesses or advise about specific dental problems. Please speak to your dentist or ring 111 to access an emergency dentist. The clinicians in the surgery will only be able to advise about pain relief in the context of dental problems.

How can I access an NHS dentist in an emergency or out of hours?