We are delighted to inform our patients that St. Bartholomew’s Medical Centre will take over the running of South Oxford Health Centre as of 1st August 2019.

Patients at St. Bartholomew’s Medical Centre (SBMC) and South Oxford Health Centre (SOHC)  can expect ‘business as usual’. All the services will continue to be provided as they have been in the past by the staff that you know and trust at both SOHC and SBMC.

Patients will remain registered at both practices as it is the management arrangements that will change and not the staff. Patients will continue to see the same staff, book appointments and order prescriptions in the same way at the respective surgeries.  

Dr Alison Fairley (GP Partner at SBMC) said “We are very glad to have the opportunity to continue to provide excellent care to the patients of South Oxford Health Centre in association with Dr Nick Wooding (GP Partner at SOHC) and the primary health care team. We look forward to maintaining and developing services for the benefits of all our patients. We are grateful to OCCG for facilitating this."

We hope that you have been pleased and encouraged to hear this news but we appreciate that you may well have many questions that you would like to ask us. Please call us or you can email us at


399 Patients failed to arrive for their appointment in DECEMBER 2019