eConsult patient feedback Sept 2021




Every patient who submits an eConsult request can fill out an optional survey about the service a week later.

Last month 7 patients shared their feedback about using the eConsult service at St Bartholomew's Medical Centre or The Brookes Medical Centre. You can find a summary of their responses below and in the attached report.


Were your patients satisfied with eConsult?


Patients who were satisfied with the service


Patients who would recommend the eConsult service to family and friends


What were your patients' care outcomes after using eConsult?


Patients who said their issue was completely resolved seven days after using the service


Patients who did NOT have to contact the GP practice or any other health service for the same problem in the week after consulting online


Did patients say they were contacted in time?


Patients who said they were contacted by the stated response time


How did patients hear about eConsult?

14% "Other - Write In"
29% "Someone else from the GP practice told me about it"
14% "From an Internet search"
14% "Another patient, family member or friend told me about it"
14% "My GP told me about it"
14% "From the GP practice website"

Patient satisfaction: comments

We ask patients to explain why they were or weren't happy with using the eConsult service. Some of their responses are below. You can find all the comments in the attached report.

Please note: the patients are informed that their comments will not be responded to

"I didn't get to talk to the gp"

"I had to call practice after not hearing to see if my e consult was being dealt with. I was told I was down for a call the next day but no timeframe - so had to keep phone next to me all the day as fearful of missing the call as my health issue felt urgent. I now have a face to face appointment booked 11 days after my initial call to the practice. It had to be face to face as couldn't be dealt with on phone as the health issue needed to be actually seen to diagnose it. Not really great tbh. But it's strange times. If it's cancer then 11 days too long!"

"The reply from the econsult service said I would be contacted by my practice by 6.30 pm the next day(Friday). I wasn't so I used the feedback provided by eConsult and was told I would be contacted the next day I.e. Saturday. Again I was not contacted but when I checked with the practice website it said that requests would be responded to within 2 working days. As I sent in my query on Thursday evening that was Monday and I did receive a text from my GP that day"

"This is a great service "

"Got just what I needed, in fact it was a face to face consultation."


Published: Oct 5, 2021