PPG Minutes 15th May 2023




Welcome, Attendance and Apologies

JD welcomed a new member to the PPG.   She has had a career in nursing and admin, and lives in Grandpont.

  • Present: Jenny Darnley (Chair) Nargis Khan (Practice business manager) Jo Hearle (Deputy Practice Manager, Dr Mark Gould (partner), plus 10 others
  • Apologies: 3 received
  • Guest Apologies: The AskFirst representative was unfortunately unable to attend in person. A presentation had been supplied.


The minutes were passed as an accurate record with minor amendments.


Issues Arising

Issues arising were difficulty making routine appointments via the app. It is also not possible to book blood tests unless pre-ordered by a doctor, It was pointed out that Patient Access is not allowing appointments to be made via the NHS digital app.


Hollow Way and St Bart’s Primary Care Network

The merger is moving ahead and will initially be called The Spires PCN. It will bring additional roles to the group including a pharmacy team, physiotherapists and IT staff.  Some of the new staff will be recruited and trained by an outside agency, which will save GP time.  As all PCNs are required to improve patient access to services, Dr Gould outlined proposals for a ‘triage hub’ for patients with on the day requests for appointments which would comprise a range of specialists who could direct patients to the most appropriate care giver. There will be 30,000 patients in the PCN, an increase of 9000 on present numbers. It is hoped to have a patient meeting in the near future with the new practice, which does not have an active PPG at present.


Practice News

Dr Alison Fairley will be retiring at the end of May. Dr Scott (GP Registrar) will be moving to Dorchester at the end of July.

Lake Street.  The surgery is still not open.  There was an animated discussion about the way forward and the extreme frustration of the community of Grandpont and South Hinksey was expressed.  JD spoke of the involvement with the local councillor and the MP.  Another member reported the response she had had when contacting NHSPS directly through the complaints procedure on the web site and it was suggested that members all write to NHSPS using this route.  Jenny was asked to pull together a time-line as background information.


Any other business

There was no other business.


Date of Next meeting

It was proposed that the next meeting be in-person at Lake Street on Monday 3 July 2023.