PPG Minutes 16th October 2023





Jenny Darnley, (Chair) Geraldine Coggins (deputy, Chairing meeting) Nargis Khan (Practice Manager) Dr Mark Gould (Partner) plus 5 members


1. Welcome, attendance and apologies

Apologies: 9 apologies received. 

JD welcomed a new member. 


2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

The minutes were passed as an accurate record with minor amendments.


3. Patient Experience

GC asked that an item on patient care be regularly included at meetings. As the Patient Participation Group we are patients and should raise this issues based on talking to others and from our own experience if relevant.  Some useful feedback had been made by talking to patients at the vaccination clinics where PPG members were volunteering.  She said that overall patients felt they received excellent treatment from clinical staff.  

AskFirst – GC made the point that using AskFirst can cause problems for continuity of care since it is difficult to access appointments for a specific doctor.  The web site needs updating and JD said she would try to co-ordinate an online meeting of the web review group with Nargis. 

The web site says that phone lines are officially open from 0830 but in practice, if possible they open earlier to allow the practice to manage any unexpected sickness or absences and provide a reliable service. 

The question was raised of obtaining blood results if requested to contact a particular doctor who is then away.  NK said that any significant results would be flagged and followed up by a phone call from a member of the priority team.  For non-urgent result discussions, a phone call could be booked.   One member asked why the test results did not appear on the app even when sanctioned by the GP.  

Further issues related to contacting the practice either on-line, in-person or by phone will be a regular discussion point.


4. Inviting Speakers

At the recent OUH meeting at the Town Hall, JD had talked to the lead clinician for the hospital at home project who had offered to join the meeting if invited.  It was agreed that invitations like this would be welcomed but only twice a year because inevitably the meeting would have to be extended beyond one hour. 


5. Administrative Update

End of terms for Chair and some existing members

JD noted that she had served three years as Chair.  She was prepared to stand for re-election for at least another year’s term but other members would be most welcome to stand.  Members who had not attended any meetings for the past year would be deemed to have completed their service.  There was a short discussion about recruitment of active members. 

PPG information for the waiting room needs updating and an invitation for new members will be more prominent (JD)

There has been a van parked outside Lake Street for at least a fortnight without moving.  JD will contact County Councillor Brad Baines to ask his support to restore the daytime one-hour waiting restriction or introduction of designated spaces. 


6. Site reports

  • Manzil Way – some issues with people parking overnight in the carpark which is being followed up.
  • Oxford Brookes – JD is trying to arrange a meeting with the incoming Student Union President.
  • Lake Street – The premises reopened finally on 8 August after long negotiations by practice staff supported by the PPG and local councillors.  The interior had several unfinished jobs such as untethered wires, damp spots on the wall, unpainted woodwork which will be followed up.  The exterior CCTV cameras had not been installed so the practice will close at 17.00 for the safety of the staff.  The garden fencing needs replacing which is the responsibility of NHSPS so the Council will not do this. Currently Room 1 is out of action because of water leaks and the lights being out of action.  
  • Hollow Way –The full merger with Hollow Way has been deferred until early next year, while necessary legal matters are resolved.

7. Any other business

The Primary Care Network is investigating health inequalities in its patient group. EB suggested that this could be an interesting research project maybe to be carried out by health students at OBU.  She has extensive experience in medical research and made useful suggestions as to how such an investigation might be conducted.  Mark Gould reported that the criteria for the patient cohort under investigation are unmet needs among non-English speakers, diabetes care, all women of certain ages. It was suggested that certain contacts of PPG members could be contacted as part of this – for example local religious leaders who serve an underrepresented group. 

NK asked that thanks to vaccination volunteers be recorded in the minutes. 


8. Date of next meeting

Monday 4th December at 6.00pm.