PPG minutes 29th November 2022




Welcome, attendance and apologies

Present: Nargis Khan, (Practice Manager), Johanna Hearle (Deputy Practice Manager), Mark Gould (GP partner) Jennifer Darnley (Chair) Geraldine Coggins (Deputy Chair), Lynn Degele, Penny Faust, Tony Wappner, Wendy Spray, Paul Luff, Brenda Bell, Saskia Chubb (President of OBU Students’ Union), Trisha Marsh, Elizabeth Mills

Apologies: Phil Kelly


New Members

As there were some new members introductions were made all round and the new members, EM, TM and BB were heartily welcomed.


Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were agreed to be an accurate record


Matters Arising


  • The introduction of traffic filters in Oxford City continues to be an issue for some patients and staff. PF pointed out that the catchment area for the practice covers OX3 and OX4 so patients may be coming from a distance.
  • Brookes University has closed its carpark so practice staff at the Medical Centre there are finding it difficult to park. It was suggested that the reception staff at least might use the Park and Ride system. MG said doctors needed transport to hand for possibly making home visits during the day. NG/SC to approach OBU about the need to provide parking for clinical staff in order for them to serve the student body effectively.


WS asked whether progress had been made on increasing the diversity of membership of the PPG. There was a general discussion on how to achieve this. JD suggested that clinical staff might ask patients directly if they would be interested in joining, and she has the intention to approach someone she has met who might join.


Practice News

Lake Street

4500 patients are served by the practice in Lake St. The building, which is owned by NHS Property Services, needs a new roof and boiler. The building was closed in October with only two day’s notice, to enable the works to take place. The anticipated opening date is January 3rd 2023. Concern was expressed about how slowly the works are progressing with little sign of action. Patients are wondering if this is a permanent closure and some are looking to register at other practices. NK emphasised that the closure is NOT permanent and that the building will be in use again when the work is finished. This will be communicated to patients by text (NK) and social media. JD agreed to write to the CEO of NHS Property Services to express the deep concern of patients and staff about the slow work. The local MP, Anneliese Dodds, is aware of the issue and it may be necessary to ask her for help if the situation does not seem to improve. MG said that patient care is continuing, with face-to-face appointments at Manzil Way, phone appointments and home visits

New Patients

237 immigrants/asylum seekers have been moved by the Home Office to a hotel on the outskirts of the city with no notice to local services. They have been enrolled by the PCN, each practice taking about 60 patients. This has involved a lot of work as they need to be visited at theirplace of residence for medical reasons and there are language problems. Local immigration support charities are helping with advice and practical help.

Oxford Brookes University

SC was elected President of the Students Union and her term runs from July 2022 to June 2023. The SU has run an event on sexual health this term, and has been reaching out to international students to ensure they are registered with a doctor and they know how the NHS works. Plans for the future include an information campaign on the use of drugs and alcohol. The SU sees its role as making sure students know the facts about these issues so that they make informed choices.


Vaccine Clinics

There have been some Saturday flu and covid clinics. NK expressed her thanks to the volunteers who have helped at these clinics. There was a short discussion about the flu clinic on 19th November when there had been a few issues. NK to follow up on this.


Any Other business

  • LD asked for clarification to be provided in texts on how long a link to send information or photos to the practice will work.
  • There was a request supported by other members to put a discussion of the Ask First application on the next agenda, as many people are finding it difficult to use.

Date of Next meeting

The next meeting will be on Teams, date to be announced soon.