PPG Minutes 31st July 2023





Jenny Darnley (Chair), Geraldine Coggins (Deputy, Chairing meeting), Nargis Khan (Practice Manager), Jo Hearle (Deputy Practice Manager), Dr Mark Gould (Partner) plus 7 other


1. Welcome, attendance and apologies

Apologies: Four received 


2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:  The minutes were passed as an accurate record.  

The failure of AskFirst to send a representative was raised. It was agreed that it would be helpful in the future if such a meeting could take place as the presentation sent was limited. The temporary name ‘Spires’ for the Primary Care Network (PCN) was generally unpopular. There is at least one private health care with the same name as well as a hotel chain and other commercial organisations. Members were invited to suggest alternatives.  


3. Patient Surveys

Nargis presented the results of patient surveys carried out by central NHS which showed SBMC to be performing above national levels. The only metric below national level was availability of preferred GP.  Difficulties caused by recruitment issues and changes of work patterns were cited – Dr Scott is moving to the west country. Phone responses were also discussed – in general call-back works but only cuts in at the fifth call in the queue. 

It was noted that the sample was small (response n 102 = 16% completions) and that the sample was taken from flu clinics so in the main respondents were older patients. Nonetheless, the results are very positive and Nargis and the team were congratulated. 


4. Public engagement meeting report.

JD reported that there had been a good attendance of around 65 people at the meeting to discuss the expansion of the practice into a PCN with the merger with Hollow Way surgery. The challenge is how best to represent the interests of nearly 40,000 patients. Hollow Way does not currently have an active PPG. In the discussion a preference for keeping the site-specific PPGs was expressed.  However, the cohesion of the current PPG with patients from all three sites was seen as positive. PF pointed out that it had taken time to bring together PPG members from across all the sites and that achievement should not be discarded lightly. JD suggested that it might be necessary for PPG members to go to specific patient groups via community, specialist or religious groups JD asked for thoughts for the next meeting


5. Discussion points received.

  • Carers engagement groups: It was proposed that the incoming patient care navigator could be tasked with setting up support groups for patients and carers who may be isolated using Zoom to bring people together.  MG noted evidence that groups for people with diabetes had been very successful in aiding patient management of the disease. NG said that the Patient Navigator, (a new post) would be liaising with key organisations and patient groups. 
  • ADHD provision, menopause advice: The of obtaining a consultation and diagnosis and the long wait that patients with ADHD face. MG noted that protocols are being worked on nationally and that private clinics could not be guaranteed to provide the same standard of care as the NHS whilst acknowledging the frustration that drove patients to seek alternatives. 
  • Telephone message: The length of the telephone greeting which still includes Covid advice was noted as being irritating to patients when calling the practice. NG noted that e-consult and Ask First run side by side. E-consult is best for acute day services whilst AskFirst serves the longer term. 
  • The web site is out of date. NG said that the to-be appointed Operations Manager will update it, if necessary, with the help of PPG members. 
  • Public meeting re Lake Street: It was noted that local councillors are planning a public protest at the surgery on 8 August. The possibility of a public meeting is still live.

6. Site reports

NG reported that guttering replacement at Manzil Way is about to be agreed by the partners. There are some car parking issues. The pictures in reception provided by Mind are now rather old and suggestions for replacements were asked for. 

Lake Street, whilst still closed seems to be near to re-opening when some remaining contractual issues are resolved. NHS Property Service is still refusing the practice access to the premises and are refusing to carry out certain repairs.


7. Any other business



8. Date of next meeting

Monday 16th October at 6:00pm