PPG minutes 8th June 2022




Welcome, attendance and apologies

Present: Nargis Khan (Practice Manager), Johanna Hearle (Deputy Practice Manager), Mark Gould (GP partner), Jennifer Darnley (Chair), Geraldine Coggins (Deputy Chair), Jill McCleery, Amanda Robson, Lynn Degele, Penny Faust

Apologies: Tony Wappner, Cllr Tidball, Wendy Spray, Paul Luff, Phil Kelly, Richard Stonman


Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were agreed to be an accurate record


Matters Arising

There was a further discussion concerning the use of InHealth to carry out endoscopies in locations at some distance to Oxford (ie Bicester and Witney) necessitating car journeys. GC reported that her husband, (a patient at another practice), had contacted Anna-Lise Dodds (East Oxford MP) on this subject, and she has written to the CCG for clarification. GC will report on any response.

NK and MG clarified that other providers have been commissioned to assist with the backlog of routine endoscopic investigations. Emergency or 2-week cancer investigation appointments are still referred to the JR. Non-emergency endoscopies could be referred to the JR but would entail a longer wait.


Extended opening hours

NK and MG explained that the OCCG is requiring Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to provide an additional 38 consultation hours which includes addition capacity on Saturdays, when SBMC already holds a GP clinic with additional nurse/clinical support for routine appointments. SBMC wants to retain this clinic and has proposed that it become the East Oxford PCN ‘hub’ for Saturday extended hours with additional nurse sessions. However, as this would mean all patients from the PCN would be eligible to book a Saturday routine appointment with the GP at SBMC and this would inevitably mean that there would be fewer available to SBMC patients.

  • JD will write to the OCCG raising these concerns and also asking if there could be an appraisal of the new system sometime within a year of implementation.

Low traffic proposals – potential impact on surgery

There was animated discussion about the impact already experienced with the implementation of the LTNs in East Oxford. NK reported patients being delayed by and becoming distressed at having missed appointments. Particular problems highlighted were

  • Patients being held up in traffic and missing appointments
  • Nurses being held up on journey to work and not available
  • Home visits affected – taking significantly more time
  • Recruitment made more difficult. Many staff and potential staff live outside Oxford as housing is expensive and in short supply in the city
  • Movement of staff between sites difficult particularly if someone is needed to cover from Manzil Way to cover at Lake Street
  • Existing staff having significant extra travelling time – LTN has added up to 30 minutes travelling time.
  • Concern that ambulances are being delayed

JD will list the problems and let Cllr Tidball know and will write to the Oxford Times setting out anxieties.

The meeting had carried on over time so a decision was made to defer Item 5, a discussion on the conduct of the PPG in the upcoming year, until the next meeting.


Date of Next meeting

To be determined