updated at 03:14pm on 20/09/2018

by Michael Stopford gave St Bartholomew's Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Superb doctors at St Barts

I have visited St Bartholomews several times since moving to Oxford six months ago. I have met with three doctors including my GP and have found them all excellent, responsive and considerate. They have taken care of my needs rapidly and effectively. This must be the NHS at its best

Visited in July 2018, Posted on 13 July 2018

by Anonymous gave St Bartholomew's Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Amazing Dr's, Nurses & HCAs

As someone who has a long history of complex health issues and needs, I am regularly seen at the surgery by the Dr's, Nurses and HCAs. They always have treated me with the utmost care and and respect regardless of the situation or condition. They are all a truly dedicated group of people who always go above and beyond in order to help the patient, and provide optimum care. They are an absolute credit to their profession. Yes, it can be tough to get appointments at times, and surgery doesn't always run to time but that is because they are providing quality care and are willing to take the time when the patient needs it, which in my opinion is much more important.

Visited in November 2017, Posted on 16 November 2017