Student Health at Oxford Brookes




Oxford Brookes Medical Centre is an integral part of St Bartholomew & Hollow Way Medical Practice designed especially to care for the students registered at Oxford Brookes University. We welcome any students living within the boundary area.


Practice Area

You can see whether you live within our practice area by checking your postcode below:


Student Registration

Students wishing to register must reside within our practice area.

During semester there is at least one doctor available in rotation for booked appointments in the Oxford Brookes Medical Centre every morning and afternoon.

Online Registration Form

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Services We Provide

  • Clinical appointments: Can be booked in advance if required.  In the first instance for routine appointments please submit an online consultation.  The surgery will respond within 48 working hours.  For urgent appointments please contact the surgery on 01865 242334

Practice Nurses Provide a Wide Range of Services:

  • Protocol-led minor illness management. Such as treatment for acute tonsillitis, cystitis (bladder infection), thrush.
  • First aid.
  • Sexual health advice.
  • Contraception advice. Nurses can also prescribe the oral contraceptive pills but only if they have been prescribed by a doctor here.
  • Emergency contraception.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Help with stress and anxiety.
  • Cervical smears.
  • Asthma.

Medical Certificates for Exams

The practice will not issue retrospective certificates for exams or missed deadlines, for patients who did not consult when they were unwell. Students must see their Tutor.


Change of Address

Please notify us immediately of any change of address or telephone number. This prevents problems when sending you letters, making hospital appointments or home visiting.

Regulations also allow NHS England, using PCSE, to check your registration, and having written to you, if they do not receive a reply they will remove you from our list as ‘Gone Away’. If you are a student at Brookes, please note that you MUST notify the Medical Centre of your new address, as the University does not pass on that information.


New Registrations for Students at Oxford Brookes University

Registering is easy, just click here and fill in the form, Simple! 

Any Additional information you need can be picked up from the OBU medical centre located on the 2nd floor of the colonnade building just opposite the entrance to the JHB building.


Useful Contacts

  • Brookes Counselling Service: 01865 484650
  • Studental Dental Service: 01865 689997
  • Sexual Health/Contraceptive Clinic: 01865 231231