Teaching Involvement





At St Bartholomew & Hollow Way Medical Practice, we often have attached students of Medicine, Nursing, Health Visiting and Midwifery. We are grateful for the patience shown by our patients in helping with the clinical training of these students. All patients will always be asked whether they are agreeable to the student being present during a consultation. All decisions about your care always remain with their supervising doctor or nurse. They are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the trained clinicians.


Registrar Training

St Bartholomew & Hollow Way Medical Practiceis approved for the post-graduate training of doctors hoping to pursue a career in general practice, and Dr Fairley, Dr Gould, Dr Hasan are the approved trainer.

image of students

Doctors who have completed their degrees and have then had a minimum of 3 years post-graduate work experience in hospitals, join the practice for a year to work with us as ‘GP Registrars’ to complete their training.

Part of their training and assessment involves trainers and examiners observing the GP registrar consulting with patients on video tape, and so from time to time you will be asked to consent to consultations being recorded in this way. Similarly, at regular intervals, the trainers also have to submit videos of themselves consulting patients to assessors as part of the process of having their training approval renewed.


Facilities for hire

Our purpose built training facilities are available to hire - please contact Nargis Khan, Practice Manager for further details.