Important Notice




We apologise for the disruption regarding the registration process and contacting the practice through our website.

This has been due to the Merger and IT systems being down.

Please note the following:

  1. The Online IT systems are in the process of changing from ASK FIRST to Econsult this is taking a while to set up, we are hoping that everything will be ready by the 1st of April 2024
  2. Unfortunately, due to the Merger and smoothing the IT processes in the background, the Practice will not be accepting any routine registrations until 1st April 2024
  3. Any students from Oxford Brookes University, please go into the University Medical Centre if you are not registered and need to be seen urgently – the reception staff will talk you through the process

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to any of our patients through this period we strive to provide the best service possible to all our patients

We will keep you posted on any further updates

Published: Mar 8, 2024